Do you want to learn how to belly dance? YOU CAN!

Maia Alexandra's engaging teaching style, bedazzling an entry-level class

Learn how to dance- easily and with a smile on your face! You will feel at ease, as Maia understands that to every skill there is no one “key” to learning. Just as every student is individual, every student learns differently! Using many different instruction techniques, including visualization, mnemonics, biomechanical breakdown, simple repetition and beyond Maia strives in every class to teach you as completely as possible.

Teaching the art of dance since 1999, Maia has a deep love and respect for all forms of movement. Maia loves teaching, and lives for those “lightbulb over the head” moments when a student comes to life in class. When was the last time you learned so much when laughing? You owe it to yourself to experience this!

Looking to Begin? Fantastic! When in session, Open level drop in classes are held 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. No experience is necessary! Men and Women are both welcomed with open arms.  For the comfort of all participants, I do ask that brand new students be at least 16.  Younger, but mature? Just ask!  Visit the Inquires page to get the latest information on the Breath of Bellydance class. (No classes are held in January, July, or August.)

Know your basics already? Looking for more technique, choreography, or specialty classes?  Intermediate and Advanced only classes are held as four or six week sessions, Thursday nights at Habibi of the Nile Bellydance Academy.  The next session will be a Meleya Luff choreography.

Unsure?  Maia and her dance Partner Kadri have joined forces just for you! The Darkly Sparkly Dance Lab is a once monthly workshop held by a variety of teachers and on a variety of topics. These workshops are held on the last Sunday of every month from 10am-12pm at Habibi of the Nile dance studio. For more information on this month’s topic and teacher, Click here. 

Not looking for a regular class, but still want to dance?  From making your party a more memorable event to seeking one on one private lessons, you can hire Maia for a one time class.  Times and topics that range from half hour beginner “taster” classes, to multi day lesson plans with intensive mastery of techniques ,  just ask and Maia will help you pick the best option for your needs.

Maia specializes in creating private lesson plans and coaching. In person or via Skype, let her help you reach your full potential and unlock your dancing!

Email maia@maiaalexandra.com or visit the Inquiry page to find out more!

Contact Maia for more information on Workshops or Classes.

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